• The set-5 pieces exercise machine attachments + 5 snap hooks, can be attached to pulley system or cable weight machines and is ideal for several lats and upper body focused exercises like lat curl pulldowns, press and more.
  • Get Your Dreams Body: Building upper body strength especially in strengthening the muscles of the latissimus dorsi, shoulder, bicep and tricep. With our lat pull down attachment for gym set, the range of exercises you can perform is very huge.
  • Ergonomic Non-Slip Handles: The upgraded design of these wide grip lat pulldown bar attachment places your arms in a more natural position and maximum advantage grip, therefore promoting comfort and reducing injuries when performing pull down exercise, protecting your wrists.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Made of high-quality 10 mm thick stainless steel, multi-function rubber hand-grips are knurled for greater comfort, safety and easily build back muscles. The maximum weight loaded is 880 lbs.
  • Multifunctional Compatibility: Is great compatible with pulley cable system, gym cable lat machine, lat pulldown machines, squat rack, power cage, rack with lat pulldown attachment, rowing machine, weight machine and more. This lat bar attachment its the best choice !
Pull Back - 5 Hooks fir Lat pull downs

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